Warranty Deed

We have a Warranty Deed for 160 acres. In the process of leasing, we are finding that 11 other names have been added (?????????) to our deed this past year. HOW so we find out about these people and who added their names to our deed we have had since 1975????? This is Caddo County. I have section, township and range if I can get help.

You have a deed like in your safe or drawer at home that you've had there for about 40 years and when you took it out to look at it after like 40 years somehow there were 11 other names on it that were not there when you placed it in like a safe or drawer?

Do you mean you thought you owned all of the 160 acres and now find out the mineral rights were severed at some time and there are 11 other owners?

I suppose the latter. We have our names ONLY as owners and have no documents telling us the rights were ever severed. How does that happen? Can rights be severed without notification of owners?

Was your deed ever filed? Does it have a county clerk stamp on it?

My "guess" is that they did not own 100% of the minerals when they sold it to you. Warranty deed or not, they cannot convey more than they own.

Yes, it was filed and is stamped and notarized. Interesting that while trying to lease last year–while no one was interested-- two of the outside parties apparently leased a portion of it. One “fly by night” company was REALLY interested early last year, then suddenly would not return any calls, emails, etc!!

Rick is most likely correct. Linda, the scenario you just mentioned is not uncommon. Just remember every owner has the right to lease on their own terms and with any company they may wish to.

My only real concern is that the entire acreage was owned and farmed by my grandparents. Their 7 children bought the mineral rights from their parents when the land was sold. Guess I just need to go to court house and find out how it is on the books.

It’s possible that some of the 7 children have either passed down or sold their interests so that’s why you are seeing 11 additional owners. County clerks office hopefully will show any mineral deeds but there may be more transactions in probate and wills also. Deeds are not the only legal method of changing (and splitting) ownership.

Thanks for the help. The 7 families have been in constant contact. None have sold any interest. Each has stayed in tact with eldest child.

Interesting. You’ll have to do some research and figure out who these other people are and how they are claiming an interest. Keep us posted!