Warranty Deed - Mineral rights

I recently sold my home but I dont think i sold my mineral rights.I have a warranty deed that says:

SUBJECT TO: Mineral reservations, oil and gas leases, if any, building restrictions and easement of record.

Can anyone tell me if this indeed means the mineral right are still mine!

Dear Ms Jasoni,

Unless you specifically reserve the mineral rights, they pass on the sale. In your case, the attorney preparing the Warranty Deed made the transfer subject to mineral reservations,…if any…

This “Subject to” provision was put in the document to protect the warranty clause.

This means that the purchaser took the property subject to any PREVIOUS mineral reservations or oil and gas leases, etc.

From what you have disclosed, you did not reserve any mineral rights in the sale of your home.

Thank you gentlemen, thats what I was afraind of.