Ward county TX easement

I have been offered 100$/rod for a 10 acre permanent and temp work easement .Its a 20 inch pipe 3 feet deep carrying natural gas liquids.I know that I will negotiate for more money not sure what to ask for ,also think I 'd rather have a 5-10 year lease not "forever" or is that not done?Any other advise sincerely appreciated

check the University Lands Rate and Damage Schedule on their site. They show amounts for pipes by size and are for 10 year easements. their schedule is for lands where there is a oil and gas lease and those that are just going across their property. I have chosen to not use the 10 year feature, but to ask for more money. I also insert a clause that if the pipe is unused for 18 months, the easement expires. I have been getting about $200/rod in the general area of Reeves and Ward. Good luck.