Ward County Texas

I bought this property through Auction two years ago. Am not from Texas don't know anything

about my property in Ward County, Texas. Last month I received a letter from this company,

International Technologies Management, LLC. On this letter they mentioned the purpose of this

geophysical survey is to create a 3-D subsurface image of the underground geology to be

encountered in the oil & gas exploration process.

My property located in Ward County, tract #W703266-H&TC, Block 33, Section 6, Lot 87

Abstract 1350, 6-Block 33. Is their possibilities this land have minerals, oil, or even gas.

Sure appreciated if you can provide me this property in Ward County, Texas. Thank You.


Hello Leon,

There's no doubt in my mind there is good amounts of oil and gas in your minerals acreage. Next door to the S/W Jagged peak Energy has 2 approved permits for 12,000' Horizontal wells(API-475--37138)&(37196). They will be targeting the Wolfcamp formation. Well 37138 was approved March 6, 2017/Well 37196 was approved February 17, 2017. your minerals are in a very good area for future drilling. Most anywhere in Ward County is good for oil and gas production.

GIS(Geographic Information System)map included.........

Link to approved drilling permit for well 37138:


Link to approved drilling permit for well 37196:


Completion Report on well 389-33721 just across the Pecos River to the South /561 Barrel Oil per day///359,000cubic feet of natural gas per day


Link to Production Data on well 389-33721 just across the Pecos River to the South:



Clint Liles

Section 6, Block 33 has been subdivided into lots which are being sold. For the most part, the minerals have been severed from the surface. If you have not been contacted about an oil and gas lease, then most likely you only own surface. Vector has a large seismic project in Ward and Reeves Counties and various agents, such as the one you cite, are contacting surface owners on its behalf. The going rate is $20 per acre.