Ward County Tax Protest

I Protested the 2022 Tax appraisal with Ward County Appraisal District. I received a letter from Pritchard & Abbott, Inc. Valuation Consultants of Forth Worth, TX dated May 24. Pritchard & Abbott worked with the Operator I own interest in, “Callon Petroleum” My Value was reduced $27,591.00. Also received a SETTLEMENT AND WAIVER OF PROTEST which I signed as i do not think I could have done better.

In conclusion it is worth protesting the the tax increases. It appears there is room for negotiations on the appraisals.


Mike East

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Two years ago I protested my appraisal for a Ward County interest with P&A. After several calls and emails with their representative I was able to reduce my tax by about 1/3. There came a point where they would no longer negotiate and we were scheduled to present our case before the Board. I thought of continuing but understood there was very little success for the interest owner with the Board so I stopped at that point. Definitely negotiate!

Mike, I looked at protesting my taxes in Ward county, but I got stumped when the form asked for my opinion of the value and facts to support my case. Did you provide a value and facts to support it? Or how did you approach the protest? It would be helpful to know how to go about it. Thanks in advance.

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