Ward County, Section 200, Block 34, Water Tract 7

Recently received a letter from Peach Energy with an offer and I’m interested in the activity going on around this property. Can anyone help us out?

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Malone: I don’t see any new activity at this time…next door in Sections 198/199 I see 3 approved locations(475-37360, 37361, 37362) for Shell Western to drill but those permits were approved in Dec. 2017. I find no spud(begin drilling) notification on these 3 approved locations.

Next door in Section 205/206 Halcon Operating has 2 permits(475-37626, 37635)that were approved July & August 2018 but at this time I find no spud report(begin drilling)notification. There is production in the surrounding area and numerous approved locations and production to the North of Section 200.

GIS Map of Ward County Section 200/Block 34 and surrounding area:


Clint Liles

Peach Energy is a lease broker and likely representing some oil company or investor. Jetta permitted the Barstow 34-200 #1 well on August 31, 2018 as a vertical Cherry Canyon well on 80 acres. This may be to hold leases. It looks like COG has taken more recent leases. Anadarko had a lot of lease activity several years ago. COG is very active which horizontal drilling in this area. If this is a lease offer, then you should get good bonus and 25%. If this is a purchase offer, then consider holding as activity is getting ready. There is room to drill across Section 201 and 200, by COG or Anadarko who have leased in Section 201. It depends on assignments. But look for lots of activity. This assumes that you own minerals.


I hold a lease on Blk 34 Section 185. This is adjacent OF 200

Thank you Clint for the information.

We received paperwork in the mail today from Veracity Land Services stating they’ve spudded and upon execution of the paper work will move to pay status. I’m going to. All the number provided for further info.