Ward County Section 20 Block 33

Hey y’all! I’m new to the forum, and am looking for some information regarding Section 20 Block 33. Does anyone know of some big production coming online in the near future. I’m getting some very appealing purchase offers, and I’m trying to evaluate whether to consider them. Thanks!

I’m a surface owner Block 33 section 1 and I’ve received some easmet and right of way letters. Not sure of any activity yet.

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Hi , i own a 5.2 acre tract of land in section 28,block 33 (lot 11) ward county (TX). I live out of USA and never visited the property. Recently ,someone send me to me offering to purchase the land and i know there is a lot of activity there. I do not own the the rigths for the minerals just the land. How would i go about leasing this land??? im interenting to lease my land, some one wrote me a few weeks ago about that i can lease my land for the companies whos working there to build a warehouse or some offices but dont know how can i contact them to talk about it. Sorry for all this question ,but this is all new to me. Any help would be greatly appreciated. JOHN.

There are permitted wells in your section. Hard to say when they will drill though.