Wanting to sign a lease with oil company

Hello, this is my first time posting here. My husband and I own 100% minerals on our 265 acre ranch located in Milam county Texas. We had a lease with a company called XTO about 4 years ago. I was wondering how I could go about having another oil and gas company come and survey our land to sign another lease? Thanks

What is the section and block?

I will look at the old lease and let you know

Daniel B Fryar survey A- 21 Milam county, Texas

Friar is the correct spelling, sorry

262.753 acres, volume 1033, page 506

I called the land-man at every oil company I could find and let him know my mineral rights were for lease. Usually the person in contact will ask for a land description etc. then go from there. I called some more than once and when I did lease it was with a company who made a cold contact with me. A company or a go -between may not be doing business in your immediate area but they will be looking around. Keep a time, date and name log for future reference. Good luck.

William gordon

Why haven't you contacted XTO to see if they wanted to release?

Usually, after the primary term, a lease will expire unless O&G is being produced. So, it appears that if XTO (with an industry reputation of being a reputable company) wanted to release your land, they would have contacted you.

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