Wanting to hire a landman/mineral buyer

I am looking to hire another landman/mineral buyer to help me possibly sell some minerals, and also purchase in new areas for investment purposes.

Anyone have any recommendations?

NO large companies or brokers. I would like to help out an individual landman.

thanks dirk!

What area are you interested in acquiring/divesting?

I’m also interested in maybe selling or leasing my inheritad minerals only… They are active in payne county… I would also like any information you can give me about my minerals please help me … Should I be receiving royalitys on my minerals? Sec.3 t/s19N range1E…any information you can provide us sisters is so gratfully appreciated. Thank you. Vicki Tucker.

Thank you . I’d like to give him a call also if you do not mind.

I am an independent Landman/abstractor/mapper/geotech... Currently I only have operations and connections in the Marcellus/Utica area of West Virginia. I would like to expand, but currently I am restricted to just West Virginia. I am located in Clarksburg....so I am very centrally located to a lot of the activity and the majority of the royalty owners still live within a 90 minute drive from me. If youre interested in WV I can help.

Hello, Hello,

I have been doing landman work for around a year in Texas now. I have a background in realestate and a law degree from gatesville university. We have a few projects we are working on now. Can you message me you'r email address so I can send you some more information on them?

I will be investing my own money on some of these wells to. So we can get more into the partnership later on.


Jordan Rodgers

Not sure where your looking but with 25 years of experience I would be interested in speaking with you I have sent you a friends request.


We are landmen who work for the property owner not the large companies, our duties are always to the landowner

What state are we talking about here?