Wanted: Reeves county corporate lawyer to defend minority investor rights in an LLC

I'm being oppressed as a minority investor and frozen out in an LLC that operates a Saltwater Disposal on my property. I need some suggestions for a local attorney to defend my rights

as a minority investor and secure a settlement or buyout for me.

You guys got any suggestions??

near Verhalen

Mr. Rayburn,

I do not know a corporate lawyer in Reeves County; however, I can recommend Michael Dawson of Dawson Parrish, PC, who has an office in Midland. I worked closely with Michael for several years while attending law school, and he is highly intelligent and honest. Their office number: (817) 870-1212. Best of luck.


Thanks, Mike. I appreciate the quick reply.

near Verhalen

I would suggest Wade Caldwell.

Who is Wade Caldwell and where does he practice? Have a phone number for him?

near Verhalen

Wade Caldwell contact info:


Clint Liles