Want to lease our minerals? Phillips County, Montana

My family have mineral rights in Phillips County, Montana. We have production in the Bowdoin Dome T31N, R34E, (Fidelity) for Natural Gas, and have other mineral right's in lands North of this land, T34N, R34E, that we would like to lease. The lease ran out this spring (2010)and have not been renewed. The lease was for 5 years with a 5 year release option. We leased from a landman as did other mineral owners on this chunk. This land is on the north edge of a producing field. If anyone is interested in leasing, I will give them a complete description of the lands involved or whatever info I can help with.

Dennis Broadbrooks

1-406-390-3057-cell phone

Have had one bite, and no, we are not in the Bakken play. We are in the Bowdoin Dome, which you can google if you want to know the history. We are shallow gas here. With the price of oil, you know that natural gas is a steal and the price will be going up and up pretty soon. Here is a gamble for someone to invest and make some money on a lease for natural gas. It may take a few years to drill and export, but it will happen. Just when is the question. Do you want to invest and take a chance??? First come, first serve.