Want to lease acreage in Burleson County

I own a 1/6 mineral interest in 400 acres in SE Burleson County, south of Snook.

WildHorse Resource Development has leased the other interests in the tract as well as some surrounding acreage. Have heard they made a pretty good well east of us.

What are my best options if WildHorse doesn't make an acceptable offer to lease my interest?

Contact other operators who are drilling or active in your area and approach them looking to get leased.

Tx RRC is good place to start to find out who else is active around Snook. Wildhorse is not the only game in town (but they are the biggest bull in the field right now).

66.68 nma with a 400 acre footprint is a decent size lease that should attract interest.

Even putting an ad in the local papers indicating "minerals for

Just my opinion on all this.

Good ideas. Thanks

You said you own a 1/6 royalty interest. IF that is what you own, rather than a 1/6 mineral interest, you will not receive offers to lease. A mere royalty interest does not include the right to explore for and develop the minerals or to execute leases to do so.

Thanks for your reply. It's actually a mineral interest and has been leased previously.