Wamsutter, WY Surface Offer - Help

Hello Everyone,

I just got an offer from Southland Royalty Company on my land in Wamsutter, Wy T22N R93W SEC 23. Its about 100 acres. Good amount of wells near by it. The offer is for around $13k to do a 13 acre pad and road. They said will have at least 3 - 7 wells there. They are only offering it as a one time payment with no royalties or anything to that sort. The offer seems very low for the size of the company and the production they say is possible out there. Should I be able to get some royalties out of this? Or at least a yearly payment rather than a small one time fee? Any help would greatly appreciated! (sorry if this is in the wrong category, I’m new to this forum) Oh and I have owned the land for about two years and am not sure who owns the mineral rights. I went the county and looked up the property once before and couldn’t find anything that stated who owned them or if it came with the property when I got it out of bankruptcy court. Im trying again to figure that out now.

Thank you.