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Recently did a lease in Roark and Lamkin surveys near Huntsville, and would like to share info.



Does anyone have any info on Mossy Grove Gas U-3, Tracts 1-4 in Walker County. My family has had mineral rights for years on this property. We had a lease on it back in the last 80's. I know that it has changed hands numerous times but we have heard nothing in years. Any info would be most appreciated. Thank you!

Interested to see who else has been contacted by SM Energy for lease in the Blythe Chandler Ranch area. Landman called us last week quoting low $. Curious what everyone else has been offered or how have negotiations gone with them.

A family I work for owns various mineral interest located under approximately 52 acres in various tracts in the W. Edinburgh Survey, A-183 and the J. M. Randolph Survey, A-737 in Walker County, Texas. Information indicates EOG Resources of Houston operates a producing well on one of the tracts.

I'd like to know if Walker County places an appraised value on undivided mineral acreage. If so, how do I conduct the search?
Does the Walker County Appraisal Distract place an appraised value on the undivided interest in a minerals and/or producing wells? If so, how do I conduct the search?
Anyone have an idea of the value of minerals or would I need to contact an Oil & Gas Landman?
Thank you. Please contact me if you have any questions. Joe Lovelace


After checking the GIS Map of Walker County A-737 I find no wells in that section. In A-183 I find where Trinity Energy has drilled 3 gas wells back in the 1980's.

Well 471-30258/temporarily abandoned/wildcat gas well/completed March 1987

Well 471-30259/Plugged gas well

Well 471-30260/Trinity Energy/gas well/Completed May 1987/wildcat/temporarily abandoned.

I find no wells on either sections of property for EOG.

GIS Map of Walker County A-183 and surrounding area:


Clint Liles

Thank you Clint. Is there a recommendation of someone with experience who can place a general value on the minerals?


At this time I don't have a name of anyone to place value on minerals.

Clint Liles

EOG has just recently drilled 3 very, very, very good wells on both sides of I-45 near the Madison County Line. They are apparently trying to keep the real quite in order to lease real cheap. Also to keep out competition. Everyone needs to be very careful of any leases you sign. There are others that will and have started leasing this area.

Mineral Owner,

I have some royalties a couple of miles from these on the Madison side. I can't find any completion details (IP Rates / Production numbers) on those wells. Do you have any specifics? Feel free to message me.


My family has 3000+ Mineral acres right on the Walker/Madison Co. line… Most of thes lands are contiguous. if anyone has a recommendation for a Landman at EOG then I’d appreciate. Thank you!!!

Should I contact EOG? We have a big family and have other interests in Madison Co. But those interests are right by the Madison and Walker County line? I need to take with my granddad, cousin, and uncle to see what is best option but I'm not sure if we should wait? and if so what do we demand?

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