Waivers on minerals

Received a call from someone asking to sign a waiver/lease on acreage that my husband has mineral interest in. They are making an offer saying we’ve signed for $200 but $500 is really our minimum. Yeah. Im not stupid BUT i have not heard of a waiver on minerals before. Can someone please shed some light??? It is for a battery setup that they are partnering with ERCOT.

This is probably a waiver for a solar farm. This could greatly hamper the value of the minerals or impair the ability to lease.

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This is coming to Texas. They want to construct a building to house a battery bank to store electricy generated by wind or solar to use when wind and/or solar power is not being generated, at night or during inclement weather. The mineral waiver most likely prevents surface usage for oil and gas exploration. What County is this?


What’s the company’s name, and what county are you in?

Check very carefully about just what kind of facility. I just came from a shale conference last week where they were mentioning very large data centers for AI computing coming to many states. Then NPR had a piece on the data centers just a day or so ago and how very loud they were-like airplane engine loud.

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Barnes provides a great caveat for consideration. You may trading future value for dollars today.