Waiting period of search from tome of title proff to the check

I have had a rough time with Callon on several things. We started all this last year. They hit oil and started producing December on A1 and A2 of Teewinot. They missed around and in July they said they need proof of tile so the hunt begin. I gave them everything they ask for and finally mid August that they had all they needed. End of July I ask when I could expect my 1st check. they said that the invoice was put in their system for me to be paid in September. The wells outs were published for the 1st quarter of 2019. Have not seen any more on its production. Where is all this oil going and who gets paid for it since December I have dealt with Anadarko and Oxy and was a different way to one a company. Maybe Callon is going broke.

The same experience here with those wells. The process seems too long, but keep in mind there are scores, maybe hundreds, of owners in Section 135. So that is probably one reason for the delay. Callon has informed me that I will receive a check by October.

Total production from both wells combined (from CONG):

Dec '19 = 68,856 (partial month) Jan '19 = 103,498 Feb '19 = 62,707 Mar '19 = 49,647 Apr '19 = 39,569 May '19 = 42,489 Jun '19 = 31,508 Jul '19 = 19,127

Please post on this site when you receive your first check.

Jan was 103,498 and a gradual decline down to only 19,127 in July. Is there a reason for the big drop in production? Maybe it will level off.

They did shut down both wells (TEEWINOT A1 and A@) for a time in July as they put in the tubing in each of the wells so they can pump. All the production before then was from oil/gas just flowing out. Hopefully the production will be back up in August.

FYI, first royalty check from Callon was in mailbox today.

Is that the same well or different locations?