Waha gas prices

Until the beginning of October i was using a Texas based sight to monitor WAHA natural gas prices. Now i can’t seem to find waha prices, only Henry Hub. Any recommendations on where to look.

Try this one

Nope, the prices are blurred out. Must be a pay wall. There was some place until recently where you could go and get the prices, not a blurred out field or a graph with no coordinates.

Search for the app “Oil Price Live”. It’s brilliant, and free.

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checked it out. Has one NG pricing that it follows. Pricing is based on Henry Hub. Waha doesn’t mirror Henry. Been running as much as $2 lower. I even checked with the EIA, and their contact told me they don’t have access to all hubs. He said the only place he saw any Waha was in the narrative of gas pricing stories. Of course my producer, Apache, wouldn’t suggest a source for such information. Natural Gas Intel does have pricing, but at $1800 per year, kind of steep for my needs.

Used to include WAHA, otherwise excellent.


Yes always a gap of some kind but a big gap between WAHA and Henry Hub starting in the last month or two. Really disconcerting that there is no easy way to check.

That’s weird. All my normal sources are no longer showing it. Back when I had an operator paying the bill I used Platts Gas Daily but it’s as pricy as NGI (…or probably more so). Ugh, I’ll probably have to spring for one of those now :woman_facepalming:. I’ve been pretty crafty at finding free sources of data but gas hub spot pricing beyond Henry Hub is mysteriously cryptic :face_with_monocle:.

I wonder where NGI gets the data? They said if I want to do the NGI Weekly report, which does have Waha pricing it is “only” $1300 per year. The current version the sales person sent me did include Waha pricing, which for last week was a little less than half of the Henry Hub.

You might try eia.gov and type WAHA in the search box. Might be hiding in their website somewhere.

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I spent a while trying to tease the information regarding WAHA from the eia site but I think it is not available - Henry, yes, WAHA no. I saw a chart showing the delta between Henry and WAHA so you could get a vague idea but it is only current through September 15 and it is just approximate using a graph.

This data, until very recently, was easily available just by Googling “WAHA hub natural gas prices”. You would be taken to a clear and informative page.

It looks like a lot of the data sources for Waha gas prices have disappeared behind paywalls.

You are awesome MBarnes !! Thank you for always being so helpful !!

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