Wagon Wheel/Scissortail Leasing?


Were any of you at the event tonight that scissortail and wagon wheel hosted? It was the first time that I can remember that an operator and the company leasing for them came out to address the public and field questions from mineral owners. I was only there for the first announcement, and I assume the later announcement was close to or the same as the first, but it was interesting seeing their approach vs the competition who also showed up for a little bit. The sheriff ran them off as they were handing out offer letters at the entrance to the fairgrounds. A landman from Magnolia was in his parked car with the lights off at the entrance handing out offer letters telling folks to call him instead of scissortail. There was apparently another guy in the parking lot from huntley trying to do the same thing. At some point I think scissortail or wagon wheel staff approached him and we noticed the sheriff ran them off. Wagon wheel did not miss their opportunity to address the fact that the competition was doing business out of their cars in the parking lot in the dark. Much different than the wagon wheel/scissortail direct approach.

Scissortail did mention they were hosting another gathering with announcements and refreshments tomorrow from 8am-5pm. Is anyone planning on attending or did anyone else go to the event tonight?


Hi Jim, What fairgrounds are you referring to? I doubt they were at the Creek, Okmulgee, and Okfuskee fair grounds simultaneously. Were you at the Creek, Okmulgee, and Okfuskee fair grounds simultaneously? Those are the only counties I follow. Are there more fairgrounds? Just wondering. Please straighten me out. I notice your profile says you're a landman. Hope the Sheriff was nice to you. Take care.

They were at the creek county fairgrounds in kellyville. Not sure why or if my profile says I am a landman but I am a mineral owner in okfuskee. I posted this in the three counties they discussed leasing in to see if anyone else was talking about it.