Waelder, Texas - South of Gonzales


I am new to the forum and I need a little information regarding which Oil and Gas companies could possibly be drilling in the Waelder area, south of I-10 and east of FM 97 and just south of the City of Gonzales.

Gonzales County.

Last three months who have filed permits are as follows:

Battlecat Oil and Gas


Finger Oil and GAs

Forest Oil

Don H Ford

Gulftex Energy

LP Operating


Oak Alley Operating

Penn Virginia

Sabine Oil and Gas.

Thanks for the information Brian. Is EOG the same as EOG Resources.?

Yes EOG is EOG resources. EOG is actually Enron Oil and Gas. They are really good at drilling and their owner relations. I would recommend them for anyone looking to lease or who has production with EOG. One of the only companies you can call and they actually answer the phone.

Thanks Brian. Can you tell me how I might go about finding out the names of the companies that have drilled in the past? Also, does Apex drill in that area?

Thanks for your help

Hi Brian. I have a family member who is now deceased and there is documentation supporting the fact that she received royalties but it does not show which company or companies paid the family member. How can I go about finding out who she leased her minerals to? She did this back in 88 or 89.

County Clerk's office to start. Apex does not have any production in Gonzales.


This link will tell you the name of producers/operators in Gonzales County:


Clint Liles

Thank you.