Wade Unit- Blizzard Pad

There was a Declaration of pooling for this unit 6/14 . How long does it typically take before a D.O. takes place ? Does anyone have current status? It is understood there are may factors, but with Natural Gas hovering at $4 and this unit having the potential of being 750 (thousand cubic feet) + the first full month (based solely on my estimate ) my mom is very anxious to see how this turns out . Her biggest ownership so far is with the Owens unit just to the West of the Wade unit. It is highly possible her ownership could be greater with this unit but we are in the dark right now.

Thanks for your time

A Declaration of Pooling is one of the first steps toward drilling a well. Sometimes it comes years before drilling actually happens. I’ve seen multiple modifications of a Declaration of Pooling happen over the course of years before drilling actually occurs. It may still be quite a while before you start seeing royalties from these mineral rights.