W/2, Section 23, Block C-7, A-5072, Reeves County

We renewed our lease in 2015 on these minerals. We constantly receive letters wanting to purchase, as well as phone calls. However, I am accustomed to reading drilling reports in our home state of Oklahoma on the Corporation Commission site. I have not been able to determine if wells have been completed in Reeves County. Do any of you have updates? The flurry of phone calls and letters would indicate to me that something is near completion. If so, what is the timeline from first production sales in the state of Texas? Thanks in advance!

You should receive a Division Order in a "timely" manner from your operator. Funds within 90 days generally?

But you're right. Not easy getting completion info unless the company mentions your well on their website via quarterly report or presentation.

Last month, Rosetta Resources Operating submitted 2 drilling permit applications for horizontal wells on your section. The API numbers are 38935791 and 38935792. Once the wells are completed, the operator will file a completion report with the Texas Railroad Commission. You can input the API numbers into their "Completions Query" website, at the url below, to view the completion report.


Wolfcamp, how long after a well is completed does that info get posted, please?

Excellent Information!!! Happy Easter. Thanks, again. Liz

It is supposed to be filed by the operator the earlier of 90 days after completion or 150 days after drilling operations were completed. I'm not sure whether there is a delay, and if so how long, before it reaches the publicly accessible website.

Thank you! I was thinking 4-6 months typically.