W/2 Section 1, BK 54-T7, TP Survey

Hi there - I'm new to this forum. I have been receiving offers to buy my mineral interests in the above tract. The offers are around 12k/nma ... which seems a little low to me after reading the other threads on this forum.

There is currently a shut in well in the section - and I just noticed a drilling permit was pulled by CW in May - for what seems to be three wells in section 2 - but with some notes that lead me to believe they are just really interested in one well.

For the last 8 years or so, I've received lease signing bonuses every 2 to 3 years ... from a horrible lease I might add. So it's not really income generating for me - therefore my curiosity in some of these offers I have been receiving.

However, I'm thinking 12k/nma is a little low to consider parting with interest .. Thoughts?



Also - I am rather new to digging in on the aspects of drilling. If the well that was just permitted that crosses both section one and two, do all the mineral owners in the line receive royalties or just the ones at the beginning and end?




At the very bottom of the approved drilling permit is an area called the P-12. Click on that and you will find out who the royalty owners are who will receive royalty checks from this well.


Document showing the royalty owners and acreage to well API 389-35936:


Clint Liles

I would guess a lot more. One block to the west and slightly to the north of you someone recently got $9,000 per nma for a lease. In my mind, there are bad offers, average offers, good offers and excellent offers. I would think most people want at least a good offer; excellent offers being reserved for those willing to do a lot of leg work/shopping your mineral interest around. Others want to chime in?

I'm pretty active in this area and in my opinion, you could definitely get more.