Vitruvian Explorations--S5 & 8 4N-5W

Can anyone shed some light on Vitruvian Explorations and where they are involved in Grady County Ok? And if there is any action in Section 5 and 8 4N-5W going on right now? They pooled us in 2015 and it has been silent since then. Also do they have a number which they are answering when called?

Thanks in advance

VItruvian sold out to Gulfport several years ago. Quite a few wells were drilled into Section 8 from Section 17 & 20. Also a couple of wells from 5 and 32 into 8. If you had minerals, you should be in pay status on all of the productive wells. Contact Gulfport Midcon LLC 3001 Quail Springs Pkwy, Oklahoma City, OK 73134.

Thank you Miss Barnes