“Vista Ridge” Pipeline - Water Pipeline from Burleson County, Tx to Bexar County Tx

I have been contacted by a company seeking to obtain the right of way across land I own a interest in, for the purpose of crossing / installing part of a water pipeline known as "Vista Ridge".

Are there any members of this Discussion Group that may have had experience with water pipeline right of ways / easements?

Information in this Discussion Group was a big help to me in the past when I was researching for a formula for calculating a price per rod for the sale of easements for gas pipelines.

Whereas in the past, I was calculating a price on 4" and 6" pipelines, I expect that in the case of water pipelines, the diameter of the lines to be significantly larger. With the gas pipeline easements, I was using $1.50 per inch of diameter per foot for my calculations. Can anyone in this group provide me with formula for calculating a price per rod for the sale of easements for the larger diameter water pipelines?

Thank you in advance for any assistance you can provide.

The University of Texas has a damage & rate schedule that should give you an idea of what they accept. Here’s the link. http://www.utlands.utsystem.edu/forms/pdfs/rate_damage_schedule.pdf

You need to gather information about the pipeine. Is it carrying fresh water or produced water? Sometimes a company will refer to 'brackish water' which is not a water standard but could cover a wide variance in water quality. Brine is also not a defined term. Water standards are based on number of mg/L TDS. Thus is milligrams per liter of total dissolved solids. Fresh generally is less than 1000 mg/L (this does not mean it is potable). Slightly saline is 1001-2999; moderately saline is 3000-9999; and saline over 10000. Ocean water is closer to 30,000. The higher the salt, the more damage to surface if there is a spill. Water lines vary greatly in size, like any other pipeline. Limit you agreement to one line of a specified maximum size. More lines or increased size requires more money. As always, the written agreement is very important because you will live with those terms for years.