Viper Resources LLC & Creek County

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Scrolling thru it seems Viper Resources has leased (just rough estimating here) 65000 acres in Creek County. Not a lot of info on Viper Resources LLC ( It is not the same as Viper Oil or Cobra). Anybody got any ideas on what they are up to like releasing to an oil company or actually drilling. I leased to them in 2012 and they were reasonable to negotiate with and paid when promised but there has been no drilling yet.

Any input would be appreciated especially from some of you oil and gas veterans.


I do not know; however, will see that I can find out. For leisure reading and history of oil in Creek County, OK, may I recommend " The Life and Times of O.M. Ireland Sapulpa Newspaperman Oilman, Church and Civic". Sapulpa Museum has copies. Good Reading.

I have done a little research on the history of oil in Creek County and it is rich with History and hopefully more oil, Heh heh. Anyway anything you cann find out would be much appreciated!

Thanks, Milo

Pantera Energy just reported a horizontal well in 8-t18n-r8e. The spacing unit was 640 acres. Production was about 643 barrels of oil and 500 MCF a day. Pantera is in the process of pooling a couple of more sections around that area for more horizontal drilling. Target depth is about 3100 ft so the economics of these wells is excellent. Probably will drill 8 wells per section.