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First off...I was wondering if there was any way of locating a map that shows all the different 'sections and blocks'? I received a letter in the mail from someone with a 'small gas and oil outfit' out of Ft Worth. Would there be any disadvantages of trying to work something out with someone that far away....or would I be better off staying local? Does anyone know what I should be expecting in a lease bonus around Section 8, Block 2?? Thanks so much for any help/advice!!



The RRC Public GIS Viewer Mapping System is very helpful with locating Sections, Abstracts, and Blocks.

For locating county plats you may need to contact the Crane County Clerks Office and can possibly purchase a map from the County.

Clint Liles

Thanks so much

To the west of Section 8 XTO Energy(a division of Exxon)has numerous producing oil/gas wells.

GIS Map of Crane County Section 8/Block 2:


Clint Liles

Scott and young out of fort worth or dallas area. Used to lease my property in southwest crane county but they let lease expire in sept.