Verifying mineral rights in Beckham County

OK Mineral Owner Registry keeps sending me letters that says I may own rights in Beckham County. My Dad or one of his sisters may have had but did not show up in probate. How can I verify without any other information to go on? I did inherit some rights, through dad’s sister, over in Wheeler County, TX which was also missed when the will was probated.

Do NOT send the Mineral Owner Registry any money. They are a scam, only want your money, and provide NO service. Try searching Beckham County Clerk’s records online.

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Link to Beckham County Land Records. A Texas probate cannot transfer minerals in Oklahoma. This would need an Oklahoma summary probate.

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Thanks for the information. The Probate was in Oklahoma. Just a very old lease after probate and wondering if still viable.

If you provide the legal description someone can look it up in OCC data base and let you know if still producing.

The Southeast Quarter of the Southwest Quarter (SE/4 SW/4) and the Southwest Quarter of the Southeast Quarter (SW/4 SE/4) and all that part of the Southeast Quarter of the Southeast Quarter (SE/4 SE/4), lying South of the Chicago Rock Island and Pacific Railroad right of way of Section 11, Township 9N, Range 24W, and containing 103.00 acres, more or less.

This is the description of the property on the lease. I could not see how to get all of this information the OCC website.

The only well in 11-9N-24W was drilled in 1945 in the NW4, not in the SE4. It was a dry hole and was on a 40 acre spacing. No other wells were drilled.

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