Verify ownership

I inherited mineral rights in Natrona county 35 yrs ago. How do I verify that I still own them?

The best place to check would be the Natrona County Records in Casper, WY. If you can’t go there then you can usually hire a landman, title company or an attorney to assist with your search.
You may find that everything is in order and that it has been recorded, or you may have to file some documents to bring everything up to date.

Hello Kathy, If it is mineral rights, meaning the right to explore for and produce minerals underlying a parcel/trace of land, you would need to conduct a mineral title examination on the lands. This is accomplished by obtaining the requisite documents affecting the minerals from the appropriate county office - in this case likely the Natrona County Clerk and Recorder, and then reviewing all documents to present. You are looking for all documents filed against the lands that involve conveyances, generally. Sometimes individuals choose to start with the original patent and run the lands to present, whereas others choose to run the lands from the time he/she acquired the interest to present. You can hire an independent landman to do this for you, or you can choose to do this yourself. If you opt to do this yourself, you can either go directly to the clerk and request access to the records room, or you can try to research this online for a fee (See iDoc Marketplace). A note of caution - conveyances related to mineral interests can be somewhat tricky. Hence many opt to hire the landman or choose an oil and gas title attorney to conduct the due diligence. Good Luck!

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