Verdun Wells in Austin County

Does anyone have any information on the 4 wells that will be drilled by Verdun near Shelby in Austin County?

Better to repost your request in Austin County, TX and give a more exact legal location.

There aren’t many followers for Austin Co. I think I’m going to post Washington Co. more followers there. I need followers who are familiar with drilling in the Austin Chalk.

I’d heard the same rumor a few weeks ago about new locations near Shelby but EOG was supposed to be doing the drilling and the locations were in Fayette County, not Austin or Colorado.

As of today neither Verdun, EOG or anyone else has filed any new permits in that general area.


This may be old news by now but Verdun filed permits on May 31st for two horizontal wells just east of Shelby in the north edge of Austin County. They are called the Belleau Wood and the Saint Mihiel.

The plat shows the drill site will be just south of FM 389 near Cut Off Road, and same site will be used to drill both of them. It says that drill site is located within the boundaries of the Verdun Tannenberg unit and shows another Verdun unit called the Gallipoli joining the Tannenberg on the east. I can’t see where either that Tannenberg or the Gallipoli unit have been permitted so I’m guessing those are the other two wells that along with the Belleau Wood and Saint Mihiel make up that total of four we’d heard rumors about.

Dusty did you find this information off the permit applications for the Belleau Wood and Saint Miguel Wells? I’m just curious if there is someway just the average person can research this stuff. It’s all very interesting to me. Although I have found going through the RRC is hard for me.

DUSTY1 I sent you a reply but for some reason it didn’t notify you through an email but it did post on Verdun well in Austin County. Would you please reply online to it. Thank you so much.

Sorry I didn’t get your earlier message. The information I mentioned earlier was from the permits section of RRC’s website. In case you can’t find it there here are the two plats Verdun filed. Those other two well names are shown at the upper end of each of those plats.

Verdun - Belleau Wood Plat.pdf (225.6 KB)

Verdun - Saint-Mihiel Plat.pdf (202.3 KB)

A pipeline from this complex is scheduled to come through our property (Eminent Domain In Texas (Gas Utility vs. Gas Gathering))

The ROW agent is telling us the pipeline is both a “utility” line & a “gathering” line. A) Does this make sense, & B) can a “gathering” line project be approved for eminent domain?

Thank you DUSTY1, I’ll check those out.

Don’t think I’ve heard of a gathering system being a “common carrier” pipeline, which I think is a factor on having condemnation rights. Also don’t know of any lines that are part of a utility, which I guess means a gas transmission line, and a gas gathering system. Sounds like they could be trying to lump two different systems together but those are questions for an attorney.

Do you know who the company is that is planning to build that pipeline line? Wondered if it’s related to AMP (Aspen Midstream Partners) who has been extending new lines all over Washington County and is building one or more big gas processing plants there.

I just searched the T4 permit # on the RRC’s interactive map, & every pipeline (including the one scheduled to come through our property) listed under that particular # comes up as “Gas Gathering”. And yes, AMP is the operator (AMP Texas Pipelines, LLC.).