Verdun Well Burton Texas

Heard that the well on Eckermann Rd is producing. Any info on that? No division orders yet either.

The only thing Verdun has filed related to the Somme well off Eckermann Road was a production report showing in March that it made 53,479 mcf of gas and 135 barrels of condensate. From there through October, which is the latest month they have filed, they reported zero production.

I remember a big flare there several months ago and assume the volume they reported for March was from a test run that lasted several days, but it must have been shut in after that, possibly waiting on a pipeline connection. If you know it is producing maybe volumes will show up when Verdun files a report for November.

Verdun filed first production report covering November production from Somme well.

Thanks for the info. Are the numbers good??

Early to tell. Since it apparently had been shut-in since last March there’s no way to tell if those numbers reflect a full months production. If it was producing the whole month of November that works out to an average of around 5 MMCF/day of gas, which isn’t bad, but they reported very little condensate.

That’s in line with several of the last wells Geosouthern drilled east of 290 that were dry gas. Not as economic as last wells Magnolia/Enervest and Chesapeake/Wildhorse made on the other side of 290 that did that much gas along with 500+ BPD of condensate.

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