Verdun Completion Reports

Today Verdun finally filed completion reports with RRC on their Somme and Belleau Wood wells. The Belleau Wood was the first well they drilled from the big pad that’s close to Shelby but just across the line in Austin County.

On the Somme they reported 9,698 mcf/d and the Belleau Wood 10,339 mcf/d. Neither showed any condensate produced.

Those numbers are in line with some of the bigger dry gas wells Geosouthern completed closer to 290, but a lot lower than EOG’s Tonkawa well further south in the edge of Colorado County. EOG kept the results under cover for two years before finally reporting 17.6 mmcf/day and then produced it at over 22,000 mcf/d before it started to decline.

Shows how operators sometimes choke them back during completion tests so Verdun could have done the same with these wells…

When did do the tests? Do they have any monthly reports posted?

Hi Dusty, Any updated reports re GS and Hielscher? tia.

Geosouthern hasn’t filed a completion report but they did file a first production report showing in January the Hielscher produced 325,770 mcf with 15,970 barrels of condensate.

It’s possible they didn’t have it online the full month but daily average numbers of about 10500 mcf and 515 barrels of condensate look stronger than the other wells they’ve drilled near Burton.

The Somme test was dated 3/19/2019, almost a year before they filed it. Verdun started reporting production from the Somme in November. The highest monthly volume has been December at 254,987 mcf, or about 8200 mcf/d but with only about 10 bpd of condensate.

Their test on the Belleau Wood was dated 12/13/2019. Monthly production started in December and the January report showed the highest monthly volume at 322,125 mcf, or about 10400 mcf/d average with no condensate.

Verdun also filed a completion on their Saint-Mihiel well this week that they drilled from that same pad near Shelby where they drilled the Belleau Wood. That test was also dated 12/13/2019. During the 24 hour test it showed average production of 10,618 mcf with no condensate. But they’ve already reported production in January totaling 395,260 mcf or average of 12750 mcf/d.

The completion report Geosouthern filed today on the Hielscher matched up with those first month production numbers mentioned above.

The G-5 showed during the 24 hr test on 1/14/20 it made 11698 mcf and 565 barrels of condensate on a 20/64ths choke and had shut-in casing pressure of 7015.

Dusty, do you know the production for Feb for Belleau Wood?

296,356 mcf for February.

Thanks Dusty. Appreciate it.

Curious, if Verdun showed production in Nov & Dec, wouldn’t the payments reflect those months? Also, there is no information on the check stubs as to how many acres they included, etc. Is there somewhere that anyone knows of that we can look up a breakdown on the payments we receive from Verdun? I know Geo Southern has a website and we can look up how each payment is figured. Our first check from Verdun was way less than our first check from Geo Southern with half the acreage. Has anyone heard anything good or bad about Verdun? Just seems like we can’t get an answer from them on anything. Thanks.

Dusty, do you know production for March for Belleau Wood.

Verdun hasn’t reported yet for March. They reported February production on April 13th so maybe March will show up next week.

Thanks Dusty. I thought maybe I was asking a little early.

tzwahr, which well are you talking about and has Verdun sent you a division order?

If they did it should show the decimal interest your royalty payments are calculated on. Your decimal interest is based on the royalty amount in your lease and the percentage net mineral interest you own in the unit (your net mineral acres divided by the total acres in the unit).

If they started sending you checks before you received a division order the check stub should still show your decimal interest in the well. It should also show the production month the royalty is based on. You can go to the Texas Comptroller’s website to see the monthly total revenue amounts Verdun reports from your well for severance taxes. You say your first check from Verdun was half what you received from Geosouthern with half the acreage but was the production the same from both wells. It looks like most of the wells Verdun drilled are only making gas, not much oil or condensate.

Sounds like you’ve already tried but here’s the only information I see on contacting Verdun’s Owner Relations Department

Phone: (713) 337-9300 Email: *Please include “Verdun” in the subject line and Owner Name & Owner Number in the body of your email.

Clherbrig, for March Verdun reported 304,019 mcf from Belleu Wood

Dusty where do you get your production figures from? My sister, who also has an interest in Belleau Wood, called RRC today and they didn’t have them posted.

Don’t know why RRC didn’t find it. Here’s their report

Verdun - Belleau Wood Production Rpt.pdf (506.2 KB)

Thank you Dusty, greatly appreciated.

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