Van buren county

Does anyone in this group know a "Danny Longing " ? Or know of him ? he periodically pops up in the main board with a story about how he's been dispossessed of mineral rights worth many millions and now all the bankers and lawyers in that part of Arkansas are in a conspiracy against him. But I see that he is not a member of this county group.

In a odd way it makes me think of a case in south Texas where one of the old original ranchers was killed in a gunfight in the 1870s or 1880s decades later oil was discovered on some of his land. Supposed heirs are quite convinced that the oil companies know they are owed royalties and that there is a big stash of money somewhere that the companies reserved for the day they have to settle. Lots of people in south Texas try to figure out how they are related to this.

sorry to have a thread that is not about actual wells or drilling or leasing, but I am curious. anyone have a good handle on how many wells are in the county and what production in the last 7 to 8 years has been ? Heres hoping Nat Gas price comes back up a bit

Yes, I know Danny.

There are several hundred wells in Van Buren County, most will produce 1 to 2 BCF per well. There is a lot of activity. Some of the best is near Bee Branch and some of those wells will make 3 to 4 BCF per well.