Valuing mineral properties

Can anyone recommend a law office or attorney in Oklahoma who specializes in establishing the value of mineral rights properties, for estate tax purposes initially? Also, the family who is settling the estate of my relative is located overseas (France) so if there is a lawyer who is experienced in dealing with foreign tax issues, etc., that would probably be helpful. Thanks so much!

Thanks, D Davis. Needham & Associates, PLLC, is a law firm which specializes in mineral valuation and rights. They are located in downtown OKC and Tulsa. ( They can help you directly, and point you in the right direction with your foreign tax questions as well. Thanks.

It doesnt take a atty to appraise minerals.

Terrel L. Shields literally wrote the book on mineral appraisal and he is a NARO member/officer as well as a contributor to this site. Try there.

Thanks, Stewart. That's good information and a good connection. I will get that book, and send my uncle's widow that name. I'm glad to know there are ways of appraising mineral rights that a lay person can use!