Value of my minerals

does anyone know what minerals are worth in 16 north,10 west,section34 blaine county I own 160 acres of minerals I have had a offer and don't know if its fair


You have some very valuable mineral rights. You should hold them but if you would prefer some near term cash, make certain before you sign anything that you will be assured in receiving the amount contracted for and in the time that suits you. Never turn over a mineral deed until the money is in the bank, In my daily experience, most offers to purchase are really just promises not actual bilateral contracts. As the surface owner you are vulnerable to complicated situations as well. Better get some professional help and use good, judgement unclouded by relative promises. A sale is forever. No doves allowed. You hold all the cards to make a fair deal. Don't settle for less.

Gary L Hutchinson

Minerals Managment

You came to the right place for good advice. There is a wealth of information on this Forum. I hope you make use of it. Hire yourself a good O&G attorney or a Minerals Manager to help negotiate and protect your interests. Although, I have no idea of why you would want to sell something so valuable

Mr. Hutchinson just gave you some free professional advice. You should pay attention. Make these minerals work for you

Good luck,