Value of mineral rights in Stephens County

Has anyone been given offers or heard of offers to buy mineral rights near 10-1S-6W or 15-1S-6W? If so, what's been the going rate per acre? (Non producing) Is there activity near this area of Stephens County?

6W is a little too far West in the County for the current activity. There is a very small amount of activity around 1N or 2N-6W but most activity is and will be around 4W. It's more oil around 4W and more gas around where yours are. There is only one pooling order and a few location exceptions in 6W but they are for small shallow wells. Not too good with this being the biggest boom in oil & gas since the 70's-80's. Natural gas areas are doing worse daily because of natural gas prices being at multi year lows.

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