Value of mineral rights in Stephens County

Has anyone been given offers or heard of offers to buy mineral rights near 10-1S-6W or 15-1S-6W? If so, what's been the going rate per acre? (Non producing) Is there activity near this area of Stephens County?

rule of thumb is 3 times the amount of what you can lease it for

We have rights in 1S 6W and I have not seen any interest on it. All of the recent stuff I have seen has been east of there. Is that near the highway that runs between Duncan and Velma?

I did a bit of search and the only new leases in the last year in 1s 6W were in sec 7.

Gary, Do you mean NE Stephens?

Most of the recent permit activity I have seen has been in Eastern part of Stephens County.

The deep drilling seems to be isolated in the NE, but the shallow well permits have been all along the East in 4 and 5W.

Carter County also borders Stephens and has seen quite a bit of recent activity as well.

I sure wish we had more in NE !

Hey Gary,

There are seismic crews out there all along highway 29. There will be plenty of activity soon in southwestern garvin co.

I have been getting offers but they have been scattered all over Stephens and Carter. It seems we get 1 a week anymore. We have about 4NMA in 1N 3W of Garvin, but I don't remember seeing anything come in on it.