Value Of Mineral Acres In Logan County

If I wanted to sell around 13 mineral acres in Logan County, 08, 18N, 3W, SE/4, what could I possibly expect? Hypothetical question, I know it is best to always keep mineral rights. There is one current producing well on this property right now by Devon.

Producing properties in todays market can fetch an average of a 70 month pay out. Some more and some less. There is a good market for Logan county minerals, especially under Devon. Im sure in that area you have received a number of offer letters. Call or email those companies and compare the offers, anyone that will not write an official offer or tells you they will beat whatever offer you have, are probably not worth your time. You can also go on and browse the listings there and maybe run your property with a reserve. Mick at Mineral Hub is also an honest guy that will help you. He has been around for a while and knows the bigger buyers.

Thank you so much Mineral Steve. I will do the research you have suggested. I did not know about the 70 month payout possibility. It's good place to start.