Value of Inherited and Severed Mineral Rights


I inherited land in Colorado with a percentage or fraction of the mineral rights still intact. Obviously, the rest has been severed and I have the comprehensive "family tree" of all of the splits and who got what. I don't understand the fractions. For example. I own 75/196. Another owner has 63/25600. Yikes. The surface of the parcel contains 147 total acres.

Question: I am interested in the current market value of the severed mineral rights. How do I find the current values on these (brain bending) percentages?

Thank you in advance.

Kimberly, I am going to add you. I can help and see what I can find in the records. or feel free to send any documents you may have, I will try to explain best I can.

Hi K,

Thank you for the response. For now I'll keep our discussion here. I have the record of all the splits and access to the warranty deeds. I understand that the mineral estates are all in fractions, divided again and again as generation after generation split them on down the line. However, the starting place for me currently concerns how I find the value of those mineral rights. If I want to buy or sell mineral rights associated with my property how would I know what to ask or offer?


People on this Forum don't offer their help because they have nothing better to do.

They offer their help to "help."

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That's awesome, Ms. Pat Malone. However, I've already been solicited by someone on this forum and didn't consider it "help." I'm very appreciative of actual input, direction, and resources.

Kimberly, 75/196= about 38%. If your share applies to the 147 acres you have mineral rights to 55.86 acres. I know nothing of Colorado values but some determining factors would be if the acreage is leased to an exploration company and if there is any drilling activity n the area.


Thank you so much for the response. How do I find out if my share applies to all 147 acres? Is that information on the Warranty Deed? (After your response I know a little bit more than nothing now).


It is an undivided interest.

If you've received a solicitation, reported to The Forum administrators.

They already have reached out to me. Thank you for the concern and advice.

We need to know what part of Colorado. Can you give us a legal description? Section/township/range?

Hi Justin,

I've got someone from the forum who p/m'd me and offered to check into it. Thanks so much for taking the time to respond.