Value Estimates

The link above is regarding valuation estimates from for the Graef which I am part owner of in Reeves and Pecos Counties. I cannot make sense of the values and was wondering if someone could help on that and also if shalexp is reputable. Thanks in advance!

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I would not put much faith in that valuation by that website, it might give you a very rough estimate of the value but I would take it with a massive grain of salt. The only true way to know the current market value of your asset is to get multiple true evaluated offers from buyers. The “3x” rule will in most times lead you astray. I can give you some further advice if you are truly interested in finding the market value for a potential sale.


Thanks for that Cam. Not interested in selling but was just trying to figure out that assessment or value and why the “based on a.05…”

You can change that number to reflect your decimal interest in the Greaf giving you the valuation for your individual property