Value Blaine 13n 11w


Was curious what others may comment on the sale value of mineral rights for 13n 11w or if there are any comments on activity there? Thanks have a warm day … we’re sitting in snowy Las Vegas



If you have the time and patience, you can discover the price others received for minerals. This might not be the true value. Follow this link. When you preview the documents look for this entry: “Document Stamps”.
If it is 0.00 ignore it. If there is a dollar amount multiply it by 666.66 and this will give you the purchase price, the next step is to review the deed, if it recites net mineral acres, then you have the price per acre. However, if it states containing “number” of acres, it probably means that only a portion of those acres are owned by the grantor. Deeds cost $1 per page to review.



Keep in mind that if you are selling be sure to not give the deed without having the cashier’s check in hand. An escrow agent or attorney could handle the transaction for you. Nonpayment or slow payment seems to be a continual issue raised throughout this forum.