Valuation of Mineral Rights

Greetings. I have been receiving offers to purchase my mineral rights interest in Naylor Jones unit 40 in McMullen County. One well is producing, another is close to completion, and a third has been permitted. Any ideas of how to evaluate the offers? Thanks.

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My sister and I also have been receiving some “very nice” offers for our mineral rights owned in McMullen County. We have been told it might have something to do with Austin Chalk ? . I am also interested in any responses you receive to your inquiry.

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I’m nearby in the Naylor Jones unit number 30 and also would be curious to hear anybody input as to the current price per net mineral acre or valuations that area

I got an offer for around $10k/ac for similar minerals the other day, which got me thinking for sure. For the Naylor Jones Unit Number 30 it looks like the current producing wells have a present value of about $1,500/mineral acre and then the present value of 6 additional horizontal wells with first royalties received 3 years from today would be an additional $17,500/mineral acre. This makes the total expected present value in the ballpark of $19,000/mineral acre. Given that there is obviously risk associated with those estimates (ie well performance, development timing, oil/gas pricing, etc) i think anything that is 50-75% of that $19k/acre value would be a reasonable offer. These values all assume your royalty is 1/4