Valuation / Appraisal of Mineral Rights in Leon County

Hello! I am new to the forum.

My elderly mother with dementia inherited a 1/8th mineral interest of 220 acres of land in the John Scritchfield Survey, A-26, Leon County, TX. My research shows that there are oil wells on the property, but they have been inactive since the 1960's. In 2010, she was contacted by Rippy Interests, LLC. with an offer to lease the mineral rights. The 3 year lease with an optional extension for 2 more years was signed.

Since that time, my mother's healthcare costs have exhausted her assets and Medicaid is requiring the sale of this asset.

So, we need an appraisal, valuation, or several offers to purchase these rights. Obviously, Medicaid requires all transactions to be at fair market value.

Could someone please advise me on how to obtain a fair market value for these mineral rights?

Thank you!

It is very hard to value non producing minerals. I would like to have my client review your interest to see if they can make you an offer.please email me at


If Medicaid is to get the proceeds from the sale of this mineral interest, then Medicaid should pay the costs of appraisal, etc. Medicare and Medicaid will lie to you and steal money from your pocket if you don't watch them. My brother, sister and I know from past experience. Just my opinion.

Clint Liles

Thank you Richard and Clint!

My understanding is mom has to spend down all her assets before Medicaid will kick in. The cost of appraisal will be a part of that spend down.

If you want me to make an offer please send me your email address. My email is Please feel free to check out my website. Thanks, Don Warren


Our family has mineral interests in the same survey and we would be interested in taking a look at yours. You can reach me at

Thanks, Neal