Valley Montana Mineral Rights inherited

I am starting from ground zero - I inherited mineral rights on 320 acres in Valley County Montana - Can someone reccomend a reputable firm to start the process of figuring out what it might be worth? The deed has been laying in a drawer for 50 years. There are no leases that I am aware of.

Thank you

If you share the section, township and range, we can help with whether there is any activity in the area. There are several mineral appraisers listed in the Directories tab above. If there is no activity, then the answer would be “not much”, but “something”. If there is activity nearby, then you might want to hire an appraiser.

Valley County - South Half of Section 27, Township 35 North, Range 43 East

Thank you in advance!

I see one lease in 2006 and one in 2022-the second from the state of Montana to Diamond Resources. I see one dry hole in section 12 back in 1986. No others in the township. Most of the rare permits n Montana are to the south and east of you. I on;y see one rig in MT and it is on the state line with ND far to the east. Probably in the “not much” category.