Valley County Mineral Interests

I have Valley County mineral interests in the following townships/ranges/sections. Does anyone know of any drilling activity, past or present?

Township 30 North, Range 45 East, Section 25

Township 31 North, Range 45 East, Sections 14,23,24

No wells ever drilled in any of those sections.

Steve, please see attached files. Diamond Resources apparently contacted my father and sent him some money regarding Section 25. I can't tell if he cashed the check or sent it back. The lease for Section 25 was for four years. I cannot figure this out as you can see on the lease it says Continental Resources as operator? Thank you so much for your help, I am new at trying to track any interests.

He was offered a four year lease back in 2002, but they would have had to have drilled it before the four years ran out, and they never did. It really doesn’t matter at this point whether he agreed to the lease or not as that lease would be long expired by now anyway.

Thank you Steve for this valuable information. I do not know about expired leases, etc. I tried to navigate in the site you referred but I do not have a field name for the townships. Seems like that is what I need to find out anything. How does one find out the field name with just the township/range/section information? Are you a land man? Just curious!

I was just you think they will ever drill on any of my interests? Are these interests sellable and if so, is that a stupid idea? I thought my ship had come in!