Utica Shale

My understanding is that there is Utica underneath the Marcellus and that the Utica is far more valuable. Does anyone have information on the Utica? Just trying to help my mother understand the implications of selling her lease.

Thank you

I've had the same question about both the Utica and Trenton Black River.

The Utica is above the Marcellus in some areas and below it in other areas. My Marcellus interest is in the WV panhandle - Marshall County - and I believe the Utica is below Marcellus in that area.

I read somewhere the Utica is above Marcellus west across the state line in Ohio.

Hopefully some of our members will fill us in.

The Utica is below the Marcellus at depths between 2000-6000 ft.

Is the Utica far more valuable? In NWWV and SWPA the Utica wells have performed good, but in OHIO they have a steep decline curve and much sooner then expected.

Being that we are 20 years out from a boom in major Utica development lease/sale of Utica does not go for what Marcellus goes for.

I will call in the next couple of days. What are good times of day?


Anytime Harold. If I miss your call just leave a message and I will call back as soon as I can

Are you free to discuss today or tomorrow?