Utica shale play in Jefferson county ohio

I have 80 acres that sits on the Utica and Marcellos shales in eastern ohio. They seem to be closing in on Jefferson county and judging by all the calls and letters from Landmen it must be close..Does anyone have information about the crosscreek township in Jefferson county Ohio. Thanks.

See attached picture from my mapping program on wells inside that area. Only one producing right now as of 2-28-2015 from AEP (american energy). Interestingly enough AEP just sold 6,200 acres in Jefferson to Gulfport as part of a 400mm deal. Comes out to around 11k/acre using dumb math but that deal included land in multiple counties, producing assets, well site equipment, etc. Second map is leases in that area, most looks to be leased up. I would say that it is moving that direction but costs will hold it back. It is heavy to the West due to lower costs. Let me know if you need any more detailed information on that area in terms of what others are paying, etc. Good luck.

Map 1

Maps wont upload, to large...message me if you want to see them