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The industry has completed a few wells in Ohio and leasing activity is really heating up!

Chesapeake announces Utica Shale well results. Harrison and Carroll County wells produce a combination of wet gas at liquids at rates of 1,500 to 3,000 barrels of oil equivalent per day. A Beaver County, OH, well produced dry gas at a rate of 6.4 mmcfd.

Anyone here from Ohio? We live in Noble County.

I live in Wayne County, OH

Hi Mark! Are you also a member of the gomarcellusshale site? I posted a link to this site on there when I found this site. Looks like a lot of people aren’t aware of this one.

Yes, I am also a member of gomarcellusshale.

We are based in Texas, but wanted to know if any of the counties in the “hot” sections of the Utica Shale have direct county access to deed records online. Some are available through pay per page services. Harrison, Carroll, and Jefferson, and Beaver County in PA.

Hello, my name is Christina. I just learned about Utica Shale. We have a substantial amount of land in Morgan County, OH, but we don't live in the area. So we are sort of out of the loop.

Does anyone know about leasing activity in Morgan County? My brother in law -- who works as an attorney for a natural gas distributor -- states that Utica Shale is currently in low demand because supply is so high? But I learned by reading that Ohio's shale is more valuable because its shale produces wet or liquid gas and even oil?????

Just coming up to speed on all this. So if anyone has additional info, let me know.

Robert, you can check on http://www.netronline.com/

If you need something looked up in Noble County, I can try for a fee. I don't know how to do title searches, but I can look something up if you know what you're looking for. I live in Noble County and I know they aren't online.

Our farm is is in Meigs County. Is anyone planning to drill in our area? Does anyone know for sure. There are several groups stying to get landowners to sign up but who do you trust? My family members are scatterd & I am the one here looking out for Mom. Any advice would be great.

Christina, I know someone in Morgan County who has attended a group meeting. I can put you in touch with her. Send me a message with your contact info.

Thank You Christiane. I will check these things out.

Question: we own 25 acres in Muskingum county: we received the first ten acres through inheritance, and the second 15 by purchase. Both deeds, however, indicate that the previous owner retained the mineral rights. I'm assuming this will cause a problem for us as we consider signing a lease for Utica Shale gas rights?

Marcus, I would see an attorney to ask that. Also, maybe you can talk to the previous owner. In the case of the inherited land, who is the owner who retained the rights? The person you inherited from? I would definitely talk to an attorney!

I have been told that in the courts somewhere, landowners have challenged the Clinton Formation era leases from any drilling rights deeper than the Clinton. They reason that the old Clinton well contracts, although they don't specify, imply that they are drilling only to the Clinton formation. They argue that Utica Shale was not even known about when most of those old leases were written and neither was the technology to extract the minerals of the Utica Shale. Has anyone else heard anything else along this line?

Loreto, I haven't heard that. But a friend of mine who is a geologist who used to work for an O&G company said that her understanding is leases go to a particular depth and no further--from the surface down. So anything below would be considered not leased. I think it is worth pursuing! Utica is below Clinton.

how far west has the co came into ohio trying to lease farms.

Chesapeake announced last week that the planned exploratory well in the Andover Ohio area will not be drilled until midyear 2013.

I live in crawford couty Pa. but have been researching o/g in you county as well as mine and found that Ohio has an dormant minerals act and could be a real treasure find for some landowners thinking they are being left out of the boom. Good Luck to anyone this may help.