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How do I find out if I own the mineral rights to some property I own? Thank you.


You could check at the county recorder's office. You can check the history of the property by serial number, name search or description search. Utah County has everything after 1980 online, so you can check at home. Everything before that you have to go to the county building. With Sanpete, Wasatch and Juab counties you have to go to the recorder's office to check. Those are the only counties I have done research in. Good Luck.

Thank you Nanette. I am guessing the web site is http://www.millardcounty.org/Recorder.html. I went to this site and did not see any search options for property information but will start digging. Ro

Hi Nanette. Long time cousin. It looks like you have done a lot of investigating regarding mineral rights. I have tried to contact whoever in your family is coordinating the Sanpete mineral rights, but you are well hidden. We singed with Skyline last week after some negotiations over terms. Have you (or someone in your family) been contacted by Paul L? I'd like to talk to you about the terms.

Does anyone know how much one acre foot of water would be for the Phavant - Kanosh District of Millard County would be and if anyone is selling it?



Hi Rulon, how are you doing? I apologize for taking so long to respond to your comment. I hadn’t been into this site for a quite a while and just recently noticed your comment addressed to me. Also, it took me a while to figure out who you are because I knew you by a different name. I was quite pleased to hear from you. It has been a long time since we have heard from or seen anyone from your family. Through the years, Diane and I have done quite a bit of research on our property. We aren’t hiding, but for some reason the oil companies have a hard time locating us. Either that or they just aren’t interested in our oil rights. With myself, I think it is because most people like to spell my last name as Olsen instead of Olson. Mead now goes by the name of Diane and James lives in Nevada, so maybe that is why no one can find us. The only oil company that has contacted us was International a few years ago, and I didn’t want to lease to them.

Well Nanette, speaking of a long time responding, I guess I didn't see this reply comment last May. My name is really 'Kem', my middle name, so it's easy to see why you were confused.

Did you ever get a contact from Paul Lawrence at Skyline? We made an agreement with Skyline that I think was pretty good and he said he would also offer the same terms to the rest of the family.

As you can see from my profile, I live in Draper with my wife Patricia. Our phone number is 801-523-3819 if you are interested in talking.

Group, I'm looking for help trying to get some Forestry Land EOIs approved.. have any of you run into issues between the BLM and Forestry approving EOIs for non-restricted parcels? If so, what did you do, or who did you talk to in order to get the issues resolved? Doesn't seem like anyone at either camp is willing to take responsibility.. HELP