using api number to find well drilling permit info

hello, where on the the rrc public gis website does one find well permitting info?

i went to this page:

but do not see where to enter a database to see the filing.

in particular, for instance, i was looking for api# 38937041 which corresponds to proposed well site 601h on the attached screenshot.

out of curiosity - what is the significance of the number below the well name? in this case it is 37041.


20-OURSproposedwellsclosein.jpg (250 KB)

Richard -

I have some information to send you, but would not think that you would want it posted here, on the main Forum Page. Please accept my invitation to become A Friend and I will send it to you privately.

I think you are in a good position here.

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In answer to your question about the RRC link to Permits:

But I already have the Permits you are probably looking for downloaded and ready to send to you.