USGS Spraberry Resources Assessment of 4.2 Billion Barrels of Oil, etc



There has been lots of drilling in Howard and starting lately in Borden Counties in the area in which Tall City and Plymouth sold their leases to Moss Creek Resources, backed by Chinese money and being drilled by Surge Energy. They are drilling into the Wolfcamp and seem to be successful. They have started drilling in Borden and just recently permitted 2 wells in our area of leases. This area looks quite promising.

Excellent! Hope they keep going like crazy!

When I google various maps of the Wolfcamp lately I am seeing one large all encompassing circle that surrounds all the other shale areas: a giant area of the whole Permian Basin. Other maps isolate the Wolfcamp to the Midland basin, or split it up into a Midland v Delaware picture. What’s up with these mapped discrepancies? Where is the Wolfcamp, exactly? Is it getting bigger as we discover more of it?

Hi Lamont, The Wolfcamp formation encompasses most of the Permian Basin! Midland, Delaware, Central Basin Plateau, Palo Verde, Northwest Shelf… I think that depending on the intended audience, the map/figure is changed to focus on the area of concern.

So as such, is this a new discovery? If so, how do we understand that this kind of new discovery happened after so many years of drilling the Permian. My grandfather skidded rigs in the Sprayberry – folks have been spudding wells there for the majority of the 20th Century.

Or, did they know the shale was there (this all encompassing Wolfcamp layer) and lacked the understanding as to how much oil was in the shale or could be retrieved from it. I have a feeling they did not know the physical parameters of it OR the parameters of the content. What do you think?